Button doesn’t always pass through a rack

I was sending a button to a rack in another track and I wanted the button to pass through the input and output of that rack to another rack and it didn’t work. Also the S&H in the first rack didn’t respond to the button. However if I map something directly to the button (not through or in a rack) it works.


  • Do you mean a hardware (MIDI) button or a Drambo button?

    I believe you can only send a button CV to a rack by connecting it to the rack signal input (wavy line). You can route that input to the rack output by connecting the signal output to the signal input. Because racks only have a few ins and outs, this is pretty limiting. Maybe you can get clever by combining several controls into a MIDI input to the rack.

  • Drambo button. The blank racks in Misc/Utilities can have quite a few ins and outs. I was sending a drambo button to a rack on another track and then though the other side of that rack and into another rack. The S&H in that last rack wouldn't work for me. After checking all my connections I figured it was either a bug or a limitation.

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