Drambu Matrix

this is my take on Nambu from IceGear using their matrix approach to FM and related synthesis. Also heavily inspired by @ZhouJing’s own take! Mine is less elegant than both of theirs but lots of fun :)

video demo/tutorial to follow at some point.


  • Sorry but how is this supposed to work?

  • FM one is a Nambu clone - 8 operators in a matrix so you can use a mixer to control each operator’s outputs as well as a mixer for each FM input from the preceding layers. The template one provides that structure without any sound sources or processors, as an empty container for similar configurations.

  • Documentation to follow :) for the template rack, place anything between the mixer and the amp on each layer.

  • I get no sound even after connecting an oscillator to it, that's why I'm asking.

  • Which one are you using? And are you putting oscillators into the layers and turning to their volume in the mixer (akin to Nambu)?

  • I added a placeholder in the template version - look at the FM one to see how’s youd use it for not strictly FM.

  • Hey thanks Ben! Now it totally makes sense 😃

    A simple but very useful trick.

    Now I wish I could MIDI map the Layers buttons ;)

  • :O giku make it happen please!

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