I made something I really wanna share

I made this set of devices I'm calling Key Automator. The idea is that every track follows the central chord and key controlled by a Chord and Key track. I know Messing with quantizes doesn't sound groundbreaking but what I've managed to do here is really neat and fun.

If you've ever tried transposing a set of patterns you find out you don't stay in key. So I set out to fix that and came up with this. Most of the tracks in this project are just playing C2 over and over and the Chord and Key tracks control them. So I change chords for a bit and add a melody and then I change keys a few times and change chords again. Notice the melody matches every chord. Keep in mind that every chord and key change I do can be automated using the sequencers on those tracks. Just watch you'll see why it's neat.



  • Excellent patch, thanks man!

  • That’s very cool.

    I notice that scale and offset modules are disconnected on each track. Is that intentional?

  • Do you mean inside the racks? Some of the scale-offset modules don't have an input they are receiving cv at their offset modulation. The whole thing is a bit convoluted with like 40 quantizers in the project and honestly there may be things in there that don't make any sense cause it was very hard to make it work and once it started working I figured I wouldn't rock the boat. You wouldn't believe how many times I got it partially working and then something would be off and it would take me an hour to figure it out.

  • I think I could have skipped the adder module after those offsets if I had just put the signal I wanted to add an offset to into the offsets input. Leave it to me to overly complicate things ;) but it works that's what matters.

  • I haven’t played with the patch but the track is really cool.

    The sounds are very tasteful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • No worries. If you find it complex then I should not even comment, not being exactly a modular guy and seeing that clearly there’s some next level stuff in there.

    My particular interest springs from the fact that when playing with other musicians and not being a keyboard wiz as well as my note input controller isn’t really a proper keyboard, I’d like to be able to transpose and set the key while using the keyboard stuck in chromatic C.

    Circuit Tracks has scales and root transposed but I have some keys mapped to switches etc and when I transpose on there I lose them so would rather just keep it static. Hopefully I can integrate some of your ideas into my rig.

  • It sounds like it should do exactly what you want. On the mixer track you select the Key you’re in by pressing one note and using the button to select Major or Minor. Then on the Chord track you can use the keyboard chromatically to play all the chords that fit that key. In the project thats on patchstorage track 5 is set to be a melody track which means that it plays whatever key you selected on the Mixer/Key track. If you sequence the key on the Key track the Melody track will automatically play the new scale and the Chord track will automatically play the chords in the new scale.

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    hm, to accompany others this could work

    you dont need to play the most meaningful things, you just need to not fall out of key. 🤔

    let the other musicians do the complexity ... haven't thought about it this way

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