VST3 and AUv2 wrappers for the AUv3 version of Drambo

hello ... just wondering if there are wrappers for the AUv3 of drambo?

btw moog music provides AUv2 and VSTv3 wrappers for their AUv3 plugins.

thx :)


  • This could be very cool.

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    The Moog apps are actual universal apps built to run on Intel Macs as well as the Apple Silicon ones. This is different than Drambo, which (please correct me if I'm wrong!) runs on the new Mx Macs only because support for iOS plugins is built in "for free".

    It makes more economic sense to do the wrappers for true universal apps than it does for Drambo, IMO. It seems unlikely that many people would purchase Drambo just to use because they have a new Mac and not an iOS device already. So it seems to me that such an effort wouldn't result in many increased sales.

    I've no facts to back up any of that 😉. Just speculating. If I had to spend my time developing and then supporting those wrappers, I don't think I would unless I had a true universal app.

  • I'm not so sure about that. I believe it's Apple specific functionality: https://developer.apple.com/mac-catalyst/ Not sure if Drambo's code is compatible with this but given that Moog's apps are older, it might be possible. I think Mirack is using something similar as well.

    Universal compatibility could be a good for expanding Drambo's user base, but yes there is the issue of supporting more devices.

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    drambo needs apple ARM chips

    it won't run on intel with a wrapper anyway ...

    latest version of Ableton live on Mac supports AUv3 plugins, means you can run Drambo au in live on a Mac (with m1 or m2 chip), as well as standalone.

  • Not everyone uses Ableton tho, and midi routing from midi vst/aus in Ableton is terrible. Standalone is working great for me with Link.

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    if your DAW doesn't support AUv3 you will have to wait until it does.

    beepstreet is the wrong tree to bark at here. ;)

  • thx for all the great comments everybody .... sorry not to mention i'm running an m1 mac ... but using bitwig

    and thanks for the info that live can load au3 !

    there is hope yet that au3 will come to all daws :)

  • Drambo doesn't implement the Catalyst framework. M(x) Macs can run iOS apps without needing Catalyst. Adding Intel Mac support using Catalyst is easier than a full port but not trivial , and not trivial to support either.

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