Negative track delay

Even with a low buffer setting there is still noticeable latency when feeding hardware into Drambo (at least with my iConnect Audio4+).

I’ve seen one user delaying all internal Drambo tracks, but that’s a pretty cumbersome workaround. A negative track delay like in Ableton would fix it straight away I think. Or am I oversimplifying?


  • There is always latency when using audio interfaces.

    The fastest audio interface I've ever come across has a latency of 10 samples.

    Once you've created a template to adjust for latency it always remains the same.

  • Yes I am aware of that, I just meant that instead of delaying all of Drambo’s internal tracks to compensate with the hardware/interface’s latency, it would be nice if you could just put a negative delay on the track with external audio (sequenced by Drambo). Don’t you think?

  • It doesn't work like that.

    That's why I made the emphasis on the fact that there's always latency.

    If the software says negative delay on the real-time monitoring of audio

    it's so that the user can understand what's going on but in reality

    all of the other tracks are being delayed to sound in sync as far as I know.

    Recently I've been compensating for latency for my entire rig so

    that I can use send and returns, adjusting for midi and various other things

    and as I've mentioned before once it's done, it's done.

    Basically I use two outputs in dRambo for round trip latency.

    One is the Master Track and another adjacent Track with latency adjustment.

    All the tracks that need to be delayed I route through the adjacent Track

    and all round trip Tracks are already delayed so those I send directly to the Master.

    It's quite accurate, down to a few samples either side.

  • That’s a great idea, thanks! Do you have any hardware synths coming in or just a send/return of outboard effects? Still trying to wrap my head around how to:

    • Have my 303 audio coming in on a Drambo track with an effects rack on it.
    • Sequence the 303 with drambo’s sequencer
    • Send the (Drambo) processed audio of the 303 to the master channel with a simple master chain (compressor/eq)
    • make sure the 303 is in sync with Drambo’s internal synths.

    By the way, I meant a negative delay of the Drambo track sequencer, not the audio. You’d lose the first trig when pressing play but after that I think it should stay in sync.

  • I have sound modules, live instruments and send and returns

    all happening at the same time hence why I focused on latency adjustment.

    With the way I'm doing it you won't lose the first trig.

    Do you FaceTime?

    I can talk you through it.

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  • Yes,..there is actually a DM.

    Sending you a message now,

  • If you are talking about midi clock latency compensation, yes there should be a negative delay like in Ableton. For now, I would suggest using an external clock and the positive delay in the settings.

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    Gravitas helped me set it up the way he described in this post. Really easy and no external clock needed! Just had to route all of Dramo's internal tracks to a track with Apple's AUSample Delay. For my interface it was around 500 samples, around 11 milliseconds. Now everything is rock solid!

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