Some sort of Control Surface?

Let me first say that I endlessly searched this forum, audiobus and patch storage, but didn’t find an answer to this question… I don't want to wait your time here asking obvious questions. I’m just too much of a beginner with modular, especially when utilities/math modules are in play.

I have a lot of fun controlling Drambo with my Midifighter Twister (MF). The fact that the MF is able to send relative midi cc’s is extremely helpful preventing jumping values when (re)loading a project. I’ve got 3 MF banks mapped directly to Levels, sends, crossfader etc, but would like to create a fourth bank with 4x4 relative midi cc knobs to control the same parameters for the internal Drama synths separately. I don't need bi-directional midi (I think), because of the relative midi CCs of the MF. But I might be wrong..

I’ve been stumbling with the following approach: placing a group of knobs followed by a switch N-1 and then a switch 1-N module on the main track, and map for example filter cutoff on synth on track 1 to the first switch of the switch 1-N module. And connect the 1-N to the N-1 module.

There are two problems with this setup: 

- I need to push the switch of the parameter I want to control (e.g. cutoff or resonance) on the N-1 module. Can’t use two knobs at the same time. It’s possible to map those switches to single cc message when pushing the encoder on the MF, but it’s not ideal.

- Bigger problem: the knobs in the group will ‘remember’ their position, so whenever I switch to another track via the 1-N module the parameter on the previous synth will go back to default state. 

Is there a way to accomplish what I have in mind, or is it just impossible the way Drambo is laid out at the moment? 

TLDR: Is there a way to build something like an Ableton control surface, but with one bank of 16 relative midi cc knobs on the MF?


  • You aren't going to hit the same level of integration as Ableton control surfaces.

    I got a bit lost in your description (midi implementations are often like this ;P). So do I understand right that you are are using the 1-N / N-1 modules to use the same MidiFighter bank for all Drambo tracks? Maybe you can take a screenshot to better show what's going on? I think if you are using the same mapped knobs across tracks there is no way to avoid the knobs retaining values.

    With my Faderfox EC4 I use a different bank for each track. If the MidiFighter does not have that many banks, maybe you could use another application inbetween it and Drambo. You could use TouchOSC to create a bunch of different knob banks mapped to your Midifighter bank, and then switch between those to control different Drambo tracks.

    I'm not sure if I helped, feel free to post back!

  • @quartzite

    Can you create layers for midi controllers that don't have them using TouchOSC?

    Also I had a quick look at their website and it mentions

    having to use their desktop app to configure TouchOSC?

    and last but not least there's TouchOSC Mki and TouchOsc,

    would TouchOsc Mki be enough or is it better to get the recent TouchOsc?

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