Newbie here - piano roll

Hello, I watched a few videos recently about Drambo and last night took the plunge and bought it, along with the IAP's. What I've seen so far is very impressive.

Coming from NS2, I'm trying to get used to the piano roll. The NS2 piano roll is excellent. What I'd like to see in Drambo is a keyboard on the left so it's easier to move the notes around, unless I'm missing a setting for this?


  • 2 suggestions:

    • Turn up the brightness to see the piano keys background
    • Use the note preview mode while editing. Two notes means preview the whole chord if you're editing notes at the same location in time.

  • Thanks rs2000, that's a help. Is it possible to transpose a block of notes? I think I may have seen a video on it.

  • Thanks once again 👍

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