Midi out on latest v2.22(5)

I updated to latest Drambo version, using it on latest AUM and midi out is really messed up. Can’t really put my finger on it what is exactly wrong, but few of the problems are as follows:

  • when I first add a new instance as midi, connect to any synth, add a few notes then it won’t output any midi. I found that if I go to track options and find MIDI outputs then these are empty. I have to assign output and channel there, then it’ll start to send midi on that channel
  • but now the midi becomes really messy somehow. Especially if a track is selected, it seems to send a low note along with the note I added and never switches it off. Once I deselect this track in drambo, it goes a bit better, but still messy. tried to add midi monitor to rack, it shows some notes and then crashes/hangs inside aum :(
  • Now when playing when I try to move around vertically inside a track it scrolls back to the octave a note is playing in another track, so I can’t really add higher/lower notes while system is on play mode.

it’s really strange. Never had this problem before and I’m a long time Drambo user.

ability to add just 1 step or 1 bar is awesome though. Also the track edit menu is really handy now too. Thanks for that.

but please let me know if anyone is experiencing same kind of problems? I’ve ran out of ideas how to make drambo usable again.


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