MIDI CC module constant scene locking


Getting a bug on the MIDI CC Controller value knob whenever transport is active.

The knob is constantly making scene locks and locks on steps. Can’t write in a step because it is usually making it a parameter lock and not a note. Have to click it multiple times and even when it writes a note it has the red lock symbol.


  • edited January 2023

    Are you using p-locks and scenes on the knob simultaneously?

    And where does the CC Controller get its MIDI data from?

  • MIDI is coming from Cykle auv3. I can try another source.

    I’m not locking anything. Knob turns red whenever I press play. Clicking a step to insert note makes a p-lock without touching knob.

  • ok I think I actually need to be using CC Modulator for this situation.

    CC Controller thinks I am moving the knob so makes sense that it is writing those locks into the steps. Not sure why it is getting scene locks without pushing the scene button but I’ll worry about that if I use a controller.

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