Rid'em - First Flight

A Behringer X-touch Universal landed in my music room

a couple of weeks ago courtesy of a friend of mine who has three of them.

Basically he said ,"Go have fun"...

I didn't disagree.

Two weeks later I've designed an 8 step sequencer that modulates

pitch, cutoff, velocity, gate length, hard sync amount and

envelope into cutoff frequency alongside a few other things.

It's not finished yet but it sounds like this in it's current state along with programmed drums.

This particular synth only has three oscillators and a noise generator.

2 x wavetable oscillators.

1 x oscillator mini

1 x noise generator

1 x Analog filter

There's a multiband compressor preset that I put together that's on the end

called ,"Leonardo" which I'll discuss at some point in the future and

the Master audio is being routed out and back in through a Joemeek C2 stereo compressor.


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