Sudden chrashes

I have also had a couple of chrashes pr session. I have not reported them befor now because the have been very sudden and thus i have not been able to figure out how to recreate them. 

But they usually occur when doing some sort of editing pianoroll, automation or in the step sequencer. Never when building racks, recording midi, tweeking knobs.

i have only one AUv3 plugin loaded (Audiokit 808 bass).

But again. Hard to recreate since the chrash is quite inconsistent and most of the time editing works fine.

Anyone else ?


  • Please make sure you send the crash report to info @ and tell @giku what you did right before the crash.

    Thank you!

  • Thanks.

    i followed you and samu’s advice on AB forum and i’m in toutch with giku :-)

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