drambo changes ableton link bpm on load file

I am not sure if this is an issue with drambo, it poses a problem when playing live - loading a file while in ableton link keeps the sync but returns the bpm to the one saved in the file.

AUM doesnt do that, but for other reasons i prefer drambo as a host.

can it be fixed?


  • Indeed, we should have the choice to keep the tempo of the LINKed session instead of enforcing a new tempo (which isn't recommended in the LINK spec anyway but it can be nice to have).

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    I recall some discussion somewhere objecting to a pop-up asking what to do with the Link tempo on project load. That makes sense in a live situation.

    IMO it should be an option, but in the settings rather than a choice each time. I would think in the global settings, but perhaps with an override in the project settings?

  • yes, an option so everyone is happy. But most of the time i guess people would leave bpm force change disabled.

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    I would be the opposite. When I save a session I almost always have a fixed tempo in mind for it and I want everything else to adjust. I don't want to have to remember the BPM I had for the project, and adjust it every time.

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    i understand but if we are talking playing live situation with at least one more device in ableton link.. unless its 1-2 bpm its hard to jump suddenly.. :))) but everyone has his point of view :))

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