Ableton link works weird since last update

Last night i used link for the first time since last week update, and today after more tests i can confirm that something weird is happening around the ableton link.

Indeed, the midi clock option (above) is always on on launch, or on change of something in the ableton link sub menu/midi settings menu. When i turn it off as did before, ableton link looks still connected (on computer side) but the play button can be pushed any time to start, and there is no sync at all, exactly like link is disabled. Once the midi clock sync option is chosen, Drambo says "waiting for incoming midi clock" message but 1-2-4 sec later successfully launches the playhead into the ableton sync.

Also noticed few strange issues with the notification of abl link saying connected (again) or sudden disconnect and reconnect, which was on a wifi router with 4-5 devices, but not when from hotspot from computer and only ipad connected. Might be something else on that part, but the same devices were used recently for months without trouble ,and other iOS apps seem to keep the link in that situation.

Also to add without making another discussion, while on my m1 macbook 2020 Drambo works perfectly (well no resizing as an auv3 😭 - seems that's on ableton side? ), on my macstudio with m1Max cpu Drambo never launches standalone - always crash. Seems to work fine on auv3 in ableton.

Thank you for this amazing piece of software! I think its becoming way underpriced, needs some form of subscription model. I know its a hard work behind.

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