Possible Bug: MIDI Feedback device always connected to track input

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I notice that there seems to be no way to have the MIDI Feedback device disconnected from a track input. Even if I choose just one device (Network Session or Drambo), messages from the feedback come in. This makes the device unusable, because there are always feedback loops.

I tried to disable all tracks except the first one, and set their inputs to Network session. When I then go to the first track, add a MIDI output and connect it to MIDI feedback, The moment I press a pad the note will be looped - until Drambo often freezes in the end.

Maybe I misunderstood how this is to be used and it is meant to just send MIDI back to a track’s input…


  • This seems to be not right. Could you post a screenshot of a simple setup that reproduces this?

    I believe that MIDI Feedback does reach the Drambo input, so it may affect any mapped controls, etc.

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    Very simple debugging setup: All tracks except Main and 1 disabled. All channels have "Network Session" set as MIDI input and the MIDI output setting is empty. The test track has both a MIDI spy monitor plugin and a MIDI output connected to the track input. MIDI output goes to the feedback device. The moment I press a pad, the endless loop starts although no track has the feedback devices set as input. So my guess is that MIDI Feedback ignores the MIDI input setting and always gets through.

  • I just tried this in a simple setup, and it works as expected. Track 1 input is from Drambo only (always), and outputs to MIDI Feedback. Track 2 receives from MIDI Feedback. The monitors show that Track 2 receives the MIDI generated by ZOA, while Track 1 receives no MIDI. You may have an unintended connection to the MIDI Feedback input.

  • @uncleDave I see one difference between our setups: While you are using the tracks MIDI output, I am using a MIDI output module. Can you try with an output module ?

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    @uncleDave I have tried your setup - almost exactly like yours, and I can confirm this works. It works both using the track MIDI out and an output Module. However, when I use the output module and remove ZOA so that the output module is directly connected to the track input, I do get the unwanted endless loop when the module is connected to the feedback device.

  • I assume you mean "even though the track input is not connected to MIDI Feedback". So there may be some error in how MIDI Output receives MIDI from the track input.

    I believe MIDI Feedback was implemented to allow MIDI generated in Drambo to be recorded in the Drambo sequencer. It removed the need to route the MIDI through an external app so it could arrive at Drambo from outside. You can meet most other needs by routing MIDI in the usual Drambo way, right and down.

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  • Hi @samu . You posted this in a thread about MIDI Feedback. You might want to start a new thread for this topic.

  • Wrong topic altogether, sorry...

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