Saved this note about making hot swappable drums and sequences

I’ve got about 50 folders full of 16 samples each made with kitmaker. What I’m trying to do is create a bunch of kits and program in some sequences and make it all hot swappable. Seems the below in quotes would be a good way? Can someone explain like I’m five how to do this, or is there similar patch storage patch or video on it? Thanks!

“My new thing is making Ableton style drums racks and a midi sequence library out of AU Drambo instances saved to instrument and midi racks. That way presets (1 voice per track drum kits, midi loops) are hot swappable with the rack arrow buttons. Huge, multi track projects now fit in a single module, on a single track. Freaking brilliant.And sequences can be quantized to key/scale very easily..”

*can’t remember original source, so if it was you. Thank you


  • Is this about using Drambo AU in stand-alone Drambo host? That would let you put a multi-track Drambo project in an Instrument Rack. Which is a bit of a fiendish idea...

  • is...

    Waiting patiently for the next episode.

    I've done dRambo within dRambo before but not to this extent,

    mainly synthesis, effects processors and occasionally utilities.

  • That’s a good question, that’s what I was trying to wrap my head around.

    Without context or source it’s hard to know. 🤔

    if I have a bunch of folders with 16 samples, wondering what a good way to make all these hot swappable as kits and retain the drum pattern when doing so?

    Have a new kid and about an hour a day to make some music and each time I do some research on Drambo I end up going down a deep rabbit hole. Get little done, but always learn something. Such a deep app!

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    Yep, I found that original quote with more context and it makes more sense now. Still trying to wrap my head around how to get the samples in a folder to “ableton style drum racks” and saved up so they are in the instrument rack presets so huge multi track presets fit in one module.

    “This Drambo in a Drambo thing is mind blowing... a Revolution.. sharing a Drambo sequence to add to a project, etc, etc, etc, so many possibilities... And just waiting for GR-16 Auv3 to come to this party now... 

    Yeah man. My new thing is making Ableton style drums racks and a midi sequence library out of AU Drambo instances saved to instrument and midi racks. That way presets (1 voice per track drum kits, midi loops) are hot swappable with the rack arrow buttons. Huge, multi track projects now fit in a single module, on a single track. Freaking brilliant.”

  • From reading what you quote, I believe the idea is to create a Drambo project with multiple tracks, each with their samples, a typical drum setup. Save that project. Start a new Drambo project, add an instrument rack, inside it load Drambo AUv3, and load the drum project in the AUv3. Save that as a rack preset. Repeat for other rack presets. You can switch between those presets easily, and each one will contain those multiple tracks with their samples.

    Obviously you can do the same thing with sequences: build them, load into Drambo AUv3 in a rack, and save as a rack preset. The sequence generators would need to trigger MIDI, not normal events, so the output is a MIDI stream.

    It really is "mind blowing", and I don't say that often.

  • That sounds about right. Seems like it will be time consuming upfront, but pretty wild once setup. Will try to carve out some more time to try.

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    @modul8, @uncleDave

    There are so many possible ways to make either complete drum kits or single drum instruments hot swappable!

    A few ideas:

    • Repeat the same drum kit layout over several octaves in Sampler and switch kits via transposing by octaves (or off octaves fir more experimental drum beats)
    • Have a sequence of drum hits of the same instrument (kicks, snares, toms, hats, perc) in one Flexi sampler for each drum instrument and choose the desired drum sound by transposing the pitch input and using 1-Slice + Note trigger mode
    • Use instrument racks either for single drums or complete kits and use the preset arrows to switch between presets that all reside in a drum kit or drum instrument folder

    I think it pays off to spend some time thinking about how you'd like to work with it first.

  • @rs2000 thanks for that. I found this which seems comes close to what I’m trying to achieve if I just save a bunch of them. Working pretty well inputting drum sequences in the piano roll, but I can’t figure how to separate the audio. Possible to route it so the individual drums go to different audio tracks to record stems separately? There’s probably a zillion ways with Drambo, but nothing I can remember or sort from past manual reads!

  • ended up settling on doing things on different tracks, that's fine for now. Appreciate the suggestions.

  • You can use a rack with multiple outputs on track 1 and connect each of the track outputs to the respective rack outputs on your drum track.

    Make sure the drum track is before the mixer tracks because signals need to be routed in forward/downward direction.

  • Looking forward to trying this tonight. Thanks!

  • If I wanted to be able to swap drum samples fast I would make a different rack for each piece(kick, snare,hat), each rack loaded with a bunch of samplers going into an N-1. Each rack would need a midi note filter to set what note triggers it. Then you load each rack into a Layers Mixer. Is that what you're talking about?

  • You could also place notes chromatically in one Sampler per rack and use the transpose function after the MIDI Note Filter. That will keep the option to use different velocity levels per sample and simplify adding new samples using only one sampler.

  • @rs2000 I've been using that Sampler modules with the Transpose function for some of my projects.

    It should be easy enough to create two or more Sampler modules with corresponding drum sounds.

    So Sampler i has drums and Sampler ii has snares and then Morph the Transpose or Pitch module

    simultaneously to affect drum kit patches.

    One can detach the Pitch from the main sequencer and simply use the gates.

    I'm off to a okay gig so I'll try this tomorrow.

  • Here’s something you could try.

    It’s rudimentary at the moment.


    Use this for sequencing.

    and this one for the drum kits using the Sampler module with the Morph knobs assigned to semi tones and oct.

    Here’s the project file.

    You could use it dRambo within dRambo with some adjustments.

  • @gravitas , very cool. Tonight I'll have some time to play around with it. Thank you!

    also, @Johnisfaster sounds interesting. Will try all mentioned methods this week. ✌️

  • @modul8

    No worries.

    Bear in mind I’m using the Factory sounds.

    Point the Sampler to your folders and load up by folder, much easier.

    Have fun.

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