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I’ve brought this up a few times as a major want, but I don’t know if I’ve ever really demonstrated how it would work. So I’m posting this as a prototype for midi/note morph and maybe to apply a little pressure to @giku to further consider :)

the ask: create a module that functions similar to the Morph module but with only off and on. Each button would be automatically tied to a midi note (think the punch in effects module). In assign mode, you’d simply tap a note, and then any changes to following modules in that rack would be mapped to that note. It would be optimal for creating wild drum kits from the same set of modules, or the ultimate sample slicing machine. The module should work polyphonically, but in assign mode it would only play one note at a time.

anyways, here’s a mock-up.

So it’s possible to do this, but such a pain to do the assigning (and it does not work polyphonically). hope this makes sense and you can see the value in why this would be another game changing feature for drambo.


  • Why not just map MIDI notes to buttons?

    They can be set to momentary or toggle modes and yes, they do work polyphonically.

  • Because it’s such a drag to map it every time and I don’t use a controller 95%. I have a lot of issues using midi feedback with stuck notes. Also it’s a workflow thing - then I’d have to assign EACH button manually to every parameter, drag back and forth. You could have like 16-32 modulation knobs on one parameter if you wanted to use this workflow. Not every parameter is modulateable.

    It’s really a workflow thing. I’ve demonstrated it’s possible here but the setup is the issue. In my version you’d just go to assign mode and everything would work the way you’d expect.

  • It’s basically the ability to “play” p locks. I don’t think you can make the case that there’s a quicker way to make variations of a patch versus morphs or p-locks, but we can’t easily play them in live. I think it would have at least 3 MAJOR uses. Sampler stuff, adjusting parameters on one pad/slice, making variations of one one shot drum or perc sound, and making full kits on one track with some shared synthesis.

  • how would using buttons as a modulator work polyphonically? Wouldn’t you be mixing mod or morph values?

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    Ah, for some reason I thought you're about to use a MIDI controller. OK.

    In the buttons module, the buttons act independently with separate outputs, that's what I meant.

    Combined with the facility to map one MIDI message to multiple destinations, that might cover a similar scenario.

  • I apologize if my response came off persnickety @rs2000 I don’t think the buttons mod would work polyphonically - it would be summing modulation from multiple sources across all voices. I don't think buttons are polyphonic, are they? The same issue with morphs currently. If you have two morphs, they kind of interfere with each other, rather than one morph on one voice, one on another, right?

    At the end of the day, I have a hack and its ok, but I really do think this is worthwhile to consider as a native drambo solution. Its basically just punch in morph that would be made to function with multiple voices.

  • No prob @bcrichards.

    Can you give me a few possible usage examples?

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    of course!

    1. sampler workflow. I want different parameters for each of my slices - volumes, envelope, filter, panning/width, sends. Maybe even different samples(esp if we get sample pools). Better handling of slice start and end. This transforms flexi from a pretty good slicer (for more rigorous slices/chopping) to an amazing one.
    2. Wild drum kits from same set of modules - I want 8 different variations of my kick or even multiple sounds on one track. Tap a note, tweak, those changes are baked just to that note.
    3. punch in effects that save in processing - rather than multiple chains of possibly similar modules for processors, I can have 4 variations of the same signal chain. This esp. when we get sub/nested tracks again.
    4. if you extend this to midi modules, you could have chord sets, different arpeggios just on keys.

    Think of anything you like using scenes or p-locks for in track, and how you could use them if they could be played in from midi notes and sequenced. Its basically being able to play sets of parameters, with the added benefit of being polyphonic.

    I guess something I haven't expressed directly - it would coincide with new triggers, and be tied per voice. I think that's significantly different from scenes (global) morph (only one range of parameter changes), and p-locks (not polyphonic and not playable). in many cases this involves disconnecting the pitch input from any sound generators, as you are playing with midi notes already.

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