Env + Morph for fading?

I was hoping to send Env into Morph amount, and have that assigned to specific ranges (cutoff, level, pan etc.) to fade from value A to B. However, it seems like Morphing will always return the position to where it started, so it can't be used for fade transitions. Correct? Do you see any tricks how it could be combined?

I know there are Ramp, CV Glide and Slew limiter that can do some fades, but then you lose the nice UI where a specific range is assigned as with the Morph, and also the live visualization. Perhaps it is better to just use clip automation curves for this use case.


  • Just when I was typing, I realize I need to explore more, with graphic shapers that don't return to zero, doh.

  • You can try the graphic env

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    Yep, that worked, but let me rephrase; is it possible to use two trigger buttons where one fades cutoff from L1 to L2 (this works using graphic env + morph), and the other trigger button exactly reverses this operation, fading from L2 to L1? I'm struggling to get the second part working. Tried inverting the Env signal, tried using negative amt in Env -> Morph amount knob, but the knob seems stuck when using these two assignments.

    Perhaps it is not doable, since in the second case the knob would still have its position (graphically) set to L1, even though trigger button 1 morphed it to L2.

  • You can try connecting the modules like in the screenshot

  • That could work, thanks. Simple and easy.

    There is also ADSR, of course, for slightly less improvised playing (holding the trigger).

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