Is it possible to extend Graphic Env lenght?

Hello All.

Simple question ; as my title says, is there a way to extend [Graphic Env] length?

Or maybe a way to use [Graphic Modulator] as en enveloppe?

I'm looking for a way to trigger long envelopes in live situation.

Thanks for your help.



  • Actually, what I'm trying to achieve is to morph, with the [Morph] modulator and the [Graphic Env], slow parameters changes.

    I found that 5 seconds length is a little short.

    Also, another problem I'm running thru is that, once a [Graphic Env] has been triggered, it stays at th end of its cycle.

    While I'm building my set and practising, I have to deal with all the [Graphic Env] stuck at the end of there cycle.

    The only way I have found to bring them back to their initial state waiting to be triggered is by restarting my project.

    Thanks again for any advice.

  • Agreed, 10 seconds would be more useful.

    Why do you want to bring it back? Why wouldn't you let the Env shape end at the same value as at its start?

  • Imagine if we could set the 'time' for each x-grid division when using the graphical envelope?

    (ex. 32 divisions where each division is 1/64 beat to 16-bars or maybe 1ms to 10s etc. etc.).

    That would be totally bonkers and allow insanely long envelopes...


    this could be extended with help from all of you, but it turns graphic mod into a one shot envelope.

  • @rs2000 I hope to be clear ; it is because once I'm done with my improvisations, when I want to restart my set, all the envelopes needs to be reset so I could retrieve all the initial parameters settings.

    @bcrichards Thanks Ben, I will take a look at your patch. That would be great to have a graphic mod module that could be set to one shot.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  • @doug_meatloaf

    A freshly added Graphic Env will always send 0 at its output. If you let the envelopes end at 0, wouldn't that solve it?

  • Have you tried to combine 2 graphic envs?

    This should give you 5sec attack and 5sec decay time... Decay gets triggered when attack reaches 1.

    probably a lot of ways to achieve something similar (probably even longer by combining more of them)

  • @rs2000 isnt this similar to your Loop Sustain patch?

    I’ve just had a look at my one which sort of works but it doesn’t go smoothly into the sustain section.

    I seem to remember your one having a couple of things to make the transitions much smoother.

  • @rs2000 😁

    Yeah, I remembered all of us having a conversation about this ages ago.

    I was midway through my design and yours rocked up and though

    I was on the right path with my design, you had this S&H transition thing

    that just smoothed yours nicely and that's what got me into exploring the S&H module.

  • @rs2000 if the enveloppe moves back to 0 before the end of my improvisation, the sound parameters it is affecting will change. Thanks for persistence.

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