Clock the Morph/Randomizer modules for sync'd smooth


It would be useful for me if the Smooth parameter in the Morph/Randomizer modules were able to be sync'd to BPM. So I'm putting a request for those modules to be clocked. Thanks!


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    What do you mean by syncing the Smooth value to bpm?

    And what would clock do in the Morph module?

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    Is this just about making the smoothing faster when the tempo is faster? That's not really clocking; more like time-scaling.

  • Sorry, I should clarify I'm only referring to the Randomizer module. I shouldn't have mentioned the Morph module.

    For the Randomizer module, this is a request to add the ability to tie the timing in the Smooth parameter to the clock in Drambo. This is comparative to the Mini LFO module where you can clock it and use the Frequency parameter for time and it stays sync'd. So for when you have a parameter controlled by the Randomizer module, the slope of change in that parameter can be sync'd between the Randomizer being triggered.

    It's the same as a Ramp S&H that's sync'd, but in the Randomizer module so you can get to way more parameters that way.

    p.s. I do know I can calculate ms to bpm as a workaround. But if I want to change the BPM in Drambo, that goes out the window...

  • @TimbreChopper

    The Knob module is just for analysis, please ignore.

    The module on the left is this one:

  • Thanks for that Transport status mod @rs2000! That's gonna be helpful.

    I appreciate the workaround suggestion, and will use it! I'd like to keep the original request alive. Having the visual feedback for the time (like in the Mini LFO module) would be helpful.

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