Slew as a step component before p-locks

Im sure this has been requested at some point but last night I was messing with step components and I was like “man why can’t I just place a slew on all the p-locks of this step?” I know there are other ways to get the results but it would be so convenient.

edit: idk if its obvious by the way I worded it but Im not looking for separate slew for each p-lock parameter, I’d like a component that you could place before that red p-lock component that would slew all the p-locks on that step.


  • Can you give an example of how that Slew step component would affect different parameters?

  • recrec
    edited March 12

    One example is gradually reaching locked value or decaying from it, which could be useful in many cases...

    not strictly related but this feature could be also used as a workaround for the current (imo faulty) behaviour - locks on notes with offset do not respect offset setting, resulting ‘interesting’ transients.

  • Similar to how the Elektron Machinesrum handles Slide steps. A normal p-lock instantly jumps to a new setting, if you put a Slide trigger on that step then any of the p-locks on that step will now bend to the new position instead of jump. On the Machinedrum the rate of the bend is determined by the tempo I believe but I was picturing a Slew component that had one rate setting that all the p-locks for that step would share.

  • @Johnisfaster & @rec

    Groove Rider has "Stepped" and "Smooth" modes for p-locks and I must say that I don't find the smooth mode too musically useful - imo it should at least be possible to define a shape for the up and down transitions separately. The time would be fixed to the length of one step too.

  • I can deal with time being fixed to a step and curves would just be icing. All I know is I usually prefer p-locks over automation just cause its faster.

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