Need help with graphic shaper & MIDI transform

Hi, I purchased this app for the graphic shaper function. I want to use it in two different ways.

1.) to create velocity curves from midi controllers, output to virtual ports for use with other AU programs/ hosts.

2.) modify an expression pedal range (CC 11), so that it doesn’t hit 0 on the lowest setting. Ditto with sending the MIDI to virtual outputs.

I have not had much luck figuring this out on my own. It looks like an extremely powerful program, but I’m not finding it super intuitive yet.

Thank you!


  • Hi @michaelmaine you can do both of these! All of the terminology and modules can take some time to come to grips with.

    for velocity, you need to convert the incoming midi to CV with a midi 2 cv module. Then, send the velocity into a graphic shaper - turn off bipolar. Then, create a note generator module (under midi), and route the graphic shaper into its velocity input.

    for midi cc, you take a midi modulator module, set it to the correct cc message, then run it’s output (which is basically converted to CV and run it through a graphic shaper. Then run this graphic shaper into a midi cc generator module, and set it to the correct cc.

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    Wow, thank you so much, @bcrichards! :)

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to output it through Drambo's virtual MIDI output to other programs. I think I did everything else right, but not positive. Should it automatically output from the MIDI note gen module, or do I have to somehow route that to an output? I couldn't get anything besides "Drambo" virtual midi output to show up in my AUM program after creating MIDI OUTPUT module in Drambo, and it doesn't seem to be sending any MIDI data outwards.

    Thank you!

  • @michaelmaine

    Is the MIDI Output module connected to the MIDI Note Gen module?

    And have you selected the correct MIDI out port in the MIDI Output module?

    Also, make sure that all apps running in the background have "Background Audio" enabled.

    Any reason why you don't host Drambo inside AUM if you prefer to work with AUM too?

  • would be glad to know if it is possible to do the same for gate length? say to have control over decay of all notes before the midi output.

  • You could use an Envelope Generator (not "Amp") or a Graphic Envelope to generate a modified gate. Use that to drive the Note Gen Gate input.

    What sort of control over note decay are you looking for? Remember, a MIDI note is just On, then Off. Actual decay and release are handled by the app receiving the notes.

  • Regarding 'Gate Time' it would be interesting to have a 'per step gate time value' in the Gate + Velocity Sequencer in addition to just velocity.

    This would allow us to create 'note-ties' or rhythmical patterns when velocity is set to zero (zero velocity = no gate signal).


  • @uncleDave I'm looking to decreaser and increase the length of all notes by a knob/slider and meanwhile still disregard the individual note length's set on the sequencer. Or is that exactly what the Midi Gate module does? my receiving hardware synth doesn't have it's own decay and release so that's the reason.

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    Yes, that would be perfectly possible like @uncleDave described.

    Polyphony would be handled automatically.

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