I used to be so jealous of Max wizards

Not to say that its not still awesome cause it is but I used to be so jealous of people that could build stuff like this in Max cause I tried and just couldn’t learn it. Now it just seems like a way to reinvent Drambo over and over. I don’t mean that to diminish how cool it is. It just shows how amazing Drambo is I guess. Theres not a lot of modular synth apps that can rival it (Max/Reaktor/PureData) and in my opinion there are none that are as accessible. Idk I just wanted to rave about it.



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    I’ll join ya, not in the jealousy because I’m jealous of no one, in the raving. ;)

    I don’t know about Max or Reaktor as they didn’t tickle my boat so to speak.

    dRambo on the other hand did.

    I love raving about it but certain personages on another forum didn’t like it

    so we’re all a little bit subdued in expressing our fun but it does come out in other ways.

    So yeah, dRambo is rather cool and very accessible.

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    Max and Reaktor are not my cup of tea.

    Drambo is very immediate. I have an idea, I pick this, this and this, and I run away with it ... 😀

    I would not be able to do what I do in drambo with other tools.

    other things ... have a much steeper learning curve ... 😧

  • drambo is so intuitive and easy to use that even when you have a learning curve, I find it fun and enjoyable to figure things out and trying new stuff.

    I left traditional DAW work (Cubasis) to pick this up and it blows away it’s competition (nano,beathawk,beat maker,gadget) in terms of its capability and easy workflow

    when I first sat down to drambo i didn’t know what I was looking at. Now I can produce a simple but good track and dRambos sound engine makes it all sound really fantastic

    I’m still jealous of dudes like gravitas lol but he’s been very helpful and open with sharing his knowledge and great music

    drambo brings out the best in musicians I think

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