Button p-locking confusion

If you p-lock a momentary button, shouldn't Drambo send out both a 1 and a following 0 on that step? Seems like it is not happening. I suppose the current behaviour makes sense for a switch button (not momentary).

Example: the rewind button in Gauss AU, which is a toggle. If I have a Drambo momentary button connected to this AU parameter, then manual tapping on the button works as expected; there is a tape rewind for each tap. If I p-lock the button on step 1 and 5, there is a rewind on step 1 on the first play, then no more. To get rewind happening again and again, I need to hold step 2 and 6 and double-tap the button to p-lock an off (correct?). It was not what I expected for a momentary button.


  • recrec
    edited March 2023

    That’s correct.

    This is the way p-locks were implemented in Drambo.

    Generally you lock a value on a triggered note that has decay (duration for the lock, basically set by your Env).

    But you may also lock a value without a note being triggered (trigless lock), in which case you manually have to set duration by placing another lock (to ‘unlock’)

    Hope this makes sense :)

  • For whatever reason the way it is currently you have to p-lock the button on and again off for it to work. Its not what you’d expect but it’s easy to work around.

  • Ok, makes sense, work around not too bad. Was just checking that I hadn't missed anything.

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