Send gate signal when value not equal to zero

Hello Drambo community.

I have a question.

Here’s my patch :

I would like to send a gate signal each time a step value of the Velocity sequencer is not equal to zero.

If possible, not having to use another Step Sequencer for the gate signal.

Thanks for any help.



  • Instead of using two cv sequencers try one CV sequencer and the Gate+Velocity sequencer.

    The Gate+Velocity sequencer will send a gate signal when velocity is not equal to zero.

  • Thanks for your answer Gravitas.

    You are right indeed.

    I realize that by wanting to simplify my patch for this question on the forum, I asked the wrong question.

    To be more precise, I want to be able to modulate the Velocity by using this method found elsewhere on the forum :

    Is there a way to send a gate signal only when the Velocity knobs are not equal to zero?

    Sorry for this misunderstanding.

  • Could you take the Gate generated by the sequencer, ANDed with Velocity>0?

  • If you're not going to change the rhythm of the sequencer

    simply use the Clock Generator module connected to the Gate input

    and set to Trigs/beat to 1.00, adjust gate length to taste.

    I was trying to figure it out using the Math modules and I'm sure

    someone has already figured this out but that's my take on it. :)

    The other thing you could do is place notes on the Track seqeuncer and use that instead.

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    Thanks a lot to you both for your answers.

    I have found a way that seems to work as expected.

  • I tried that and nothing happened.

    I think the AND module responds to gate signal off/on rather than a cv signal.

    I'm currently having a look.

  • You could take out the Multiply module and connect the Clock Generator directly.

    No worries.

    It's given me food for thought.


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    @gravitas if I take out the multiply, I don’t know how to explain it clearly but the enveloppe gets triggered sometimes by the clock generator if a step gate’s is ON followed by an OFF step gate. Kind of leaking. Hope you understand.

  • Yeah, I think I've got it.

    Regardless, if it works for the sound/effect your aiming to achieve then it's all good. :)

  • @uncleDave

    I tried A=B using the Function module and I got something happening using the OR or XOR modules.

    When velocity is equal to zero then the gate opens and remains open

    until the next “normal” gate signal on/off resumes. as shown in this screenshot.

    There is certainly room for improvement in my math,


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