What's the easiest way to generate a good bass line once you know the chords it's got to support?

I'm a sax player and got into generative music on iOS just to get some good backing tracks for my performances. So far I'm using mostly Drambo.

I want to start with a set of chords and spend most my time on the synth pads, but still want to spin up a good bass line to put underneath it without a ton of effort. (Lazy SOB!)

Here's the work flow I'm striving for: 1) Decide on a chord progression, 2) enter the chords into the sequencer in a Drambo clip, 3) send that to a synth (in this case 4Pockets' Copperhead), 4) send the roots of that progression to a second app/synth to get a decent bass line.

Step 4 is where I'm stuck. Can't find a good bass line generator for Drambo. (Reason has Bassline Generator, but I want don't want to get sucked into their closed-garden, monthly subscription $$ environment.)

I have tried using the Arp module...ran into some complications which I'm about to document in another posting.

Yesterday I found this video where LoganJacob spun up a very usable bass line using Axon 2: https://youtu.be/IflJ9IX9UkI. But it dwells on single root note, i.e., a single chord...I want to move it around to three other chords. So far controlling the root note is proving to be a science project. Maybe it's not quite the right tool for my use case??

Given this context, what's the easiest way to identify four chords and get back a decent bass line when using Drambo or any other polyphonic sequencer?


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