Best Audio Units for dRambo / inputting Drambo to Daw

Hi All,

new to audio production with DRAMBO on IPad .

im a born again bassist who wants to write some tunes with the iPad and Drambo but I’ve two major questions.

What are the best / most utilised Audio Units by Drambolites :) on here?

and secondly, how easy is it to feed the iPad with DRAMBO live playing into a pc either directly or via a audio interface like the SSL+ 2 into a DAW (I’m currently using pro Tools intro but may switch to Cubase or other..

any Help on the AUs and how to setup Drambo on iPad into a pc saw would be much appreciated.

great app and from what I see so far an equally top forum for help and knowledge!




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    You don't really need any audiounits. Drambo can already do what most any other ios synth can do. There's enough presets to get you startd.

    you could also just put drambo recordings on a flash drive and transfer them that way.

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    I mostly choose AUv3s with Drambo for 2 reasons: synth presets or expanded fx.

    For synth presets, I really like FabFilter Twin 3, Synthmaster 2 and Dixie. I built a Twin 3 editor for Drambo which makes it easier to build patches on as well, if that's useful to you.

    For expanded fx, Fabfilter Saturn & Timeless are great. Eventide Blackhole is a classic, there are a lot of other good reverb AUv3s to try as well. I also like the Unfiltered Audio plugins, lo-fi-af and Silo are really nice.

    Lastly, I do enjoy using miRack alongside Drambo. There a ton of nice stuff in there. Oh, also pick up the free Spectrum AUv3, its a lot of Mutable Instruments algorithms which are great to have.

  • Getting live audio from iOS to a PC (I assume you mean Windows) is a challenge. Macs have iDAM, with which you can go direct with just a USB cable. For a PC, you kind of need two interfaces, one out of the iOS device feeding into one attached to the PC. The iConnectivity Audio 4C can do routing between more than one device, but I think that may be the only current one.

    Has to be live? Because if not, tbh exporting and importing audio is often much less hassle. Besides connectivity, you have latency to deal with. Double latency actually, if you use two interfaces.

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    With the built-in WebDAV server it's easy to get the files over to the PC.

  • Ok yeh - makes sense! Ino doesn’t really have to be live so ’ll just export audio clips to use in DAW and will be sure to look for the WebDAV connectivity feature in Drambo you mention - thanks

    currently exploring DAWs and so far have pro tools intro, Ableton installed and would have installed Sternberg Cubase 12 essentials trial if the software to enable downloads was not obtainable due to a 504 bad gateway:)))

    I mention this as while I’m here are there any DAWs in particular that play well with Drambo (although that may be a non question) since it looks like I’ll be importing Drambo output :)

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