Hi trying to follow along with this tute as a complete dRambo and modular noob but am stuck at the 1st hurdle:) I mean I Dow loaded the Drambo project and put it in templates so I assume it’s safe To start from this- not sure you see?

When opening an instrument track that comes with a midi to cv module and I just add an instrument module it plays fine but trying to get this going with the Klevgrand I am unable to.

how Am I to get this rigged up (in terms of modules and routing) so I have the samples of the slammer audible and triggered by the pads whilst also having that flow through the Klevgrand module ?https://youtu.be/aRPdErVpSww

thanks for any ultra ABC type explanation in terms of required modules and flow on how to get this working would be much appreciated!





  • If I remember correctly those KLVGR apps (I've only got Skaka) need to have the transport running in order to work.

    So try pressing play first and then triggering (or sequencing) the pads.

  • Slammer works directly here, no need to press play.

    You have the multitrack view enabled (top right). Perhaps your Slammer track is not in focus?

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  • Cheers but tried putting in focus (if that’s done by selecting it?) and no change.

  • So some more on the issue I have.

    by default the Klevgrand project I downloaded out of the box when opened makes no sound.

    if I open an instrument template and add slammer as instrument I get the first two images with midi/audio flow as shown and importantly audio from speakers and shown on master level.

    Opening up the Klevgrand template I have the following flow of audio and midi when again I add an instrument module and slammer to it. There is no sound and I obviously don’t know if the connections are as they should be? Maybe relevant and a giveaway to those who know but even though the master level shows life there is no audio produced when I tap the pads or add steps in the sequencer and play transport..

    obviously something isn’t right here!;)

    any other ideas would be appreciated as I can see the power of this rack!



  • Try adding a extra Midi to CV module before the Instrument rack...

  • Thanks again but no dice! Still no sound (volume is up - just had to check myself:)

  • Are you trying to use the midi effect to sequence slammer? In that case the midi rack needs to be before slammer.

  • As per the start of this video I’m trying to get the slammer drums effected by the rack module:

  • If you use Slammer as an AUv3 inside Drambo the Midi Rack definitely needs to be before the Slammer AUv3 and you can remove the last midi-out from the midi-rack. Routing in AUM works a bit differently than Drambo...

  • This is what it looks like now. Still no sound.

  • Thanks.

    removed the midi output that came with the rack and still no sound.

  • Ask yourself why you left the Midi Output 8 module there?

    Why leave an empty Midi Rack there? (The instrument in the last picture has no inputs to note or gate so no wonder it doesn't make any sound).

    Drambo works Left to Right.

    First load the 'Midi Rack' then and then just to make sure the AUv3 gets midi add a Midi To CV module after the midi-rack and connect it to the Midi rack. Add the Slammer AUv3 after the Midi to CV module.

    I'm quite sure others will chime in as well at some point.

    I will download Skaka later this evening and time-depending give it a spin and post a few screenshots...


  • Replace the Midi Rack with a Midi to CV and make sure the 'Grey Icons' (Note, Gate etc.) are lit in Instrument Module.

  • That Klevgrand project was created to be run inside AUM, that's why you see the Midi Output modules. So if you have two channels in AUM, one with Drambo AUv3 and this project loaded, the other with Slammer, and route the midi inside AUM the usual way, this should work.

    Alternatively you can load Drambo AUv3 inside Drambo, and have all the Klevgrand tracks on the "outer Drambo" track 1. Then connect its midi port to Slammer on track 2, and you should get sound. If not, then something must have been broken with this template that was created before Drambo 2.0.

    Alternatively, you can have a single Drambo instance, fix some routings (remove the Outputs and connect properly the rest), then add a Slammer track that receives all this midi.

  • MidiToCV is not needed, Slammer only listens for midi.

  • It will work in stand-alone Drambo as well...

    Load the SEQ project, set all the Mid Outputs to 'MIDI Feedback'.

    Create an extra track on the Main track, load the Slammer/Skaka etc onto the newly created track.

    On that track set 'Recieves Midi' to Allways and Mode to Receive.

    I will post some screenshots when I get back from da police (have to help the oldies to renew their National IDs).

  • Yes, that should work. Perhaps a new Drambo user is not familiar with changing track properties, though. A good time to learn it:)

    Here is a Drambo-within-Drambo approach that works. No need to change any outputs or track properties. If you want to edit a sequence, you must do it on the 12 tracks of the inner Drambo.

  • Or even easier, like this. Check that the midi colors connect.

  • If you want to play the pads as well, then use a midi mixer to get the track+pads midi.

  • If there is no sound? first things first check the iPad’s system audio out

    Next go to the Main sequencer in dRambo

    and check to see if the Master output is routed correctly.

    Are you using an external audio interface, headphones or the ipad inbuilt speaker?

  • Thanks to you @bleep and @samu but i as mentioned at the top of the page am new to Drambo and digital audio workflows so im a little lost at the suggestions frankly. In your last two shots (bleep) you show a Drambo and slammer but where is the Klevgrand?;) is that meant to be playing in another instance of the Drambo app or something?;)

    @samu thanks again and I will try your approach when I get near Drambo again. At least this one I can see contained within one instance of Drambo . Thanks for instructions.

    Glad you are only dealing with the fuzz to help out your folks!;)

  • In my screenshots I use Drambo-within-Drambo, which is perhaps not your usual approach, but quite fitting for this task so that you don't use up almost all 16 tracks just for Slammer. So,

    1. Open Drambo standalone
    2. Add Audio Unit, load Drambo AU in this (your Drambo-within-Drambo)
    3. Open this inner Drambo AU instance (try to not be too confused with the UI), and load the Klevgrand Seq project there. Also either tap in your pattern, or set to Euclidean etc.
    4. Close inner AU. In outer Drambo track, add Slammer and press play.
  • This is also one way to do it using Skaka and the Midi Sequencer project from PatchStorage.

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    @Danbo This is the original project file from @aleyas


    You can use this to double check why you’re not getting any sound and also to learn how to route Auv3 modules.

  • Naturally 'Drambo Inception' works as well hosting Drambo inside Drambo...

  • The 'Drambo Inception' (Drambo hosting Drambo) method works very well and is a breeze to set-up.

    First load Drambo (Midi Fx) AUv3 to a track in Drambo.

    Open the Drambo AUv3 and load in the Klevgrand Sequencer project.

    Close the window, load for example the Skaka AUv3 to the same track that is hosting the Drambo AUv3 and you're done.

    The 'Midi Mixer' is there so you can play the Skaka/Slammer with the pads while also sending Midi to it from the Drambo AUv3.

    This way you'll save tracks in the main Drambo project.


  • Yep, you just copied my post there:)

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