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    poor boy ^^

    however, what's very interesting is how the master teaches him to think of musical phrase as breathing ...

    all he says is "breath!!!"

    what he means is play with your breath

    I never thought of music that way 🤩

  • Wow. Just watching the young guy play is fascinating. And it looks surprisingly relaxed I must say.

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    it took me a while to figure out what lang langs heavy breathing and singing is all about 🤦🏻‍♂️

    really need to watch this carefully there is so much going on he doesn't say but shows/plays / suggests

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    doesn't take timestamps

    start 4.20

    compared to Lang Lang everybody is playing like a typewriter 🤔 😍

    if he plays it you want to shake your behind

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    the first performer has a stick and a metronome in the ass, sorry to say

    yes I know its incredible hard to play, I can't play this ^^ ;)

  • the video has the wrong title

    its not musician vs. entertainer

    its musician vs. artist ;)

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