WebDAV stem recording can not be copied on Windows due to special characters formatting

Windows does not permit file naming with ":", thus I can not copy my stems using webDAV.

Does anyone know a workaround this ?


  • You could try renaming the files in Drambo's File browser.

  • I don t seem to be able to do that in the File Browser. What worked for me (besides using a Mac which is more complicated for me at the moment) was uploading it to Google Drive and renaming it there.

  • What sucks tho is having to do it one by one for each of the stems. Not that big of a thing, but wish it could be seamless.

  • fixed in current beta, will be in the next release

  • YESSS, you are guys are awesome. I ve been using Drambo on and off for a while now but recently integrating it fully into my Ableton centric workflow and this is going to make life muuuch easier thankss.

  • 🙏🏻

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