Mapping HILDA’s sequencer

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So this is kinda OT, but latest hilda update exposes the step-sequencer note+velocity knobs. I was thinking of ways to control the sequencer from drambo so I can modulate pitch, use an arp, randomness, etc.

Is there a more elegant solution than just having 32 knobs? Maybe using two cv sequencers? But then how do I map each step to its corresponding step on the cv seq? Is there a way to use drambo’s sequencer and benefit from it? Am I overly complicating this and should bypass hilda’s sequencer entirely and just send it midi from drambo?

Any fun ideas to try?


  • I would personally skip the built-in sequencer and use the Drambo sequencer together with automation lanes for those parameters that affect the sound.

  • Yeah, seems like the sensible way… thanks @samu

  • Yeah, I just had this very thing all set up; mapped all of the Hilda seq pitch knobs, each with its own automation lane in Drambo.. then I thought “why am I doing this?” lol

    There’s a lot of better things to map, as @samu says.

    One cool thing I discovered though, is that Drambo’s automation lanes have full cut/copy/paste abilities!

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    The one parameter I most wanted to be exposed in the sequencer was the base octave, I asked Bram and he said he would consider it.

    But modulating the parameters in drambo is amazing. I have some patches that are tuned in the sweet spot, but being able to wiggle them AND return to the sweet spot is a safe-net

    If I would start wiggling in hilda, I would easily lose the sweet spot or take the patch in a completely new direction.

    But if I use drambo as a meta-module I never risk losing the sweet spot while at the same time being able to explore.

    Besides hilda only has 2 modulation sources and not all parameters are modulatable.

    With drambo you can have as many as you like, routed wherever you like..

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