Stop retrigering an envelope


Would love to create an envelope that doesn’t retrigger when you tap a new note if it has not finished it cycle. In my modular, I use end of cycle to help with this but not sure how to do it in Drambo.

Here is an example:

I have a graphics env set to 5seconds. I tap a note and the envelope starts. Then I tap another note but the envelope is in the middle of it cycle. I want it to basically ignore the new gate and finish its cycle. Only once it is done with it cycle will it take new notes.

I have been playing with the A>B function and a N-1 switch. But the problem is that the graphic Env (and any other envelope for that matter) have this odd behavior where they drop down to 0 volts very slowly according to the oscilloscope.

Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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    Have a look at this thread here.

    In this instance it was adding attack but you can repurpose the math modules for what you’re aiming to achieve.

    Another one to look at which is referenced in this thread is this one

  • Here is a patch idea for further exploration... :)

    The idea is that first ENV creates trigger for the second one; so the first one will prevent retrig and the second one can be used in your patch; Knobs module controls both of them, so you can drop everything in a rack and hide it all except Knobs module.

    Few notes FYI:

    • Oscilloscope modules monitor ENV output respectively; floating Oscilloscopes monitor the same outputs (note the values for each - while the Oscilloscope module is still showing a value (0.61) the floating Oscilloscope already reached 0, meaning it’s just an internal setting in Oscilloscope module that makes it ‘slower’ to display output.
    • I’m using Gate Declicker module to trigger second ENV - it’s meant for delaying trig until 0 is crossed, and in order to have a crossing I’m offsetting first ENV output (range increased to 1.001; offset -0.0005).
    • You may want to send Knobs module outputs through an additional Graphic shapers to adjust ‘knob sensitivity’

    There are many ways to approach this and this post is only meant to give some inspection :)

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