Lock Mode for Live Performances

Hey there! first off: I can't express how extremely cool drambo is, real thanks for this awesome machine guys!

I'm not sure i might not have overlooked some tricks here but:

I thought It would be really great to be able to switch drambos surface to a "safe" mode in wich only the relevant parameters of a full patch are available. I realized when performing without a controller I constantly accidentally open menus, shift modules, open the IO patchpoints or just alter parameters that should stay the same.

MaxMSP for instance has this thing called Presentation Mode that reduces the entire visible and accessible UI to the elements you predefine in normal patching mode, wich makes it super usable for immediate live performance.

I know that I can also hide irrelevant controls in a rack but it would make drambo so much safer to tweak live without a midi controller if there was a way to at least disable menus and lock all modules (and maybe clips?) in place.

(another really cool feature in general would be an undo buffer for all the actions performed outside of the sequencer - just happens so often that i just accidentally delete an unsaved rack object...)

What do you think?


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    Both a "safe", custom UI panel mode and a more generic undo function have been suggested already.

    Let's see what the future brings, they'd both make a lot of sense imo.

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