Audio signal to gate? Or gate from instrument rack?

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I need the gate generated by a euclidean from inside an instrument rack. The gate needs to drive something on another track, namely a note generator's gate sending a midi out note to a launchpad for a custom sequencer idea. Preferably I don't loose the instrument rack because it has a custom interface. Been searching for a while but can't find it. I tried taking the audio signal from the rack and make it be a gate but can't figure out how to do that, but probably somebody knows the trick to this? Thanks


  • @frank303

    Try using the Midi 2 CV and connect that Gate output to the Instrument out.

    The other thing to do would be to use “Rack” under Utilities as that one will give you whatever outputs you need.

  • Yes, but it has an actual instrument there in the rack that it's playing. So the output signal is audio to the mixer, i can't change that. It's a hat channel actually. Sequenced by a euclidean that i can control with a korg nano.

    What i'm trying to do is make a sequencer from a lauchpad S. It's working actually, but i want the button all the way at the right to blink when theres a gate. That button is functioning as a mute. There's 4 tracks tat work on the sequencer. I sequence the kick from the drambo sequencer so easy to get the gate from that. For the LP sequencer part it's a massive rack with 4 snake bud's mapped to the buttons of the Lp, with feedback notes to the LP for visual feedback.

    I'm making all this effort because i can't find any other sequencer where you can map the steps to a controller

  • @frank303

    Try selecting all the modules in the Instrument rack and copy and paste them into a “Rack” module.

    That way you can get both Midi and Audio signals out.

  • When using the Rack module, after adding outputs by hitting "+", the trick is to double-tap on the output port to change its type:

  • Nice! I really learned something today. I had no idea why the utility/rack modules were even there since I could see no use for them.

  • My favorite uses are 1) Showing only the controls I need in a folded rack (see "Hide in compact view" in each module menu) and 2) Easy preset switching in Instrument and Processor racks. Hitting one of the preset arrows will cycle through all presets in the same preset folder.

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