Preset change linked to a clip


Trying to figure out preset change linked to a clip for live performances.

So the PC (program change) does change preset on some AUv3 for instance Dagger - but then all dagger controls are somehow stuck to their original values and no playing is possible except with the original preset values

can anyone confirm its a bug or that’s intended behaviour and i am doing something wrong ?

The instrument rack preset system is not working with Program change as far as i ve tried. Due to the lack of « snaphot » like function tied to a playing clip, i have a hard time to organise one instrument playing for different tracks with different settings and notes - it would be necessary to map dozens of conrols and automate them to a fixed value which is visually absurd in a live situation.

Yes its possible to change the whole drambo file for a given track but then every time i have to restart the external midi clock (press stop and start on stage, because when opening new file in drambo its stopped and waits for a start signal). I am not using ableton link anymore as its super wobbly and destroying quality on the audio warped clips in the computer so i sync drambo with a midi clock from ableton live, works very fine thru IDAM usb protocol with some latency adjustment.

Any ideas welcome. Have a nice week



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