Oscilloscope threshold odd behavior

Sometimes, when I raise the threshold on the scope, it shows a previous waveform, rather than freezing the current waveform (or not freezing at all). For example, the following 2 screenshots were taken with only a small change in threshold between them.

The second waveform was frozen earlier, using different parameters (the Length of the first Graphic Env). When this happens, it is very stable. But I don't know what initiates this mode, or breaks out of it. It happens with audio waveforms, as well as slow stuff as shown. I've attached the zipped project file below.


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    It's a known issue (showing an outdated buffer instead of freezing the current signal), I already reported it a while ago.

  • This isn’t threshold related, but I am finding that the oscilloscope that I have connected to an always-running LFO sometimes doesn't work when Drambo is running as an AUv3 (in AUM) but always works in the same patch when running in the standalone. Re-instantiating the plug in (deleting it and adding it back) usually solves the problem, but re-opening the patch from inside of the plug-in doesn't solve the problem.

    Has anyone else run into this?

  • @easelec I have seen this behavior both in the standalone and in the AUv3, sooner or later.

    Also, sometimes the threshold does not trigger although it should, resulting in a frozen waveform.

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