Dynamic range Euclidean knobs depending on Steps

Would be nice if the Fill, Offset, Accent and Accent Offset would take the amount of Steps into account. No need for 32 Fills in 16 step sequence for example. The lower resolution when using less steps would improve accuracy when jamming live.

Use case example in a live setting:

there is an Euclidean sequence running of 16 steps and four trigs.

for a buildup or a fill the trig amount is increased

after the buildup or fill the sequence needs to revert back to four trigs instantly (quick turn of knob on controller or swipe on the screen)

In the current configuration it’s almost impossible to land on the ‘four trigs’ (or other small amount) position.

Morphs and/or crossfader scenes are decent workarounds but require preparation and clutter the UI. And neither solutions reflect the actual amount of trigs below the knobs when engaged

what do you think?


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    It sounds like you're suggesting an improvement to the Fill, Offset, Accent, and Accent Offset functions in the context of live performance. Specifically, you propose that these functions take into account the number of steps in a sequence to improve accuracy and make it easier to revert back to a specific number of triggers quickly.

  • Not Reverting back to a specific number, but easyer to land on the number of triggers you aim for.

    But yeah, you summed it up pretty good :-)

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    Haha, that was an ad bot but nevermind 😉

    You can achieve this easily by using modulation. Each of the relevant knobs has modulation inputs and I would add a few sliders in front of the Euclidean seq.

    The bottom positions would be the default setting and the top position of each slider would end where you want your build-up to eclipsea all adjustable by modulation depth amount 😉

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    I did a bit of research on euclidean rhythms, back in the days, specifically the ones I like because not all combinations are pleasant in certain cases (for instance, you would want "sparse" off-beat rhythms most of the times, but occasionally all steps triggering. But once you switched combinations it's easy to forget where you were before the fill, so I think I get what OP is after).

    But I don't think there is any need to change the euclidean sequencer, it does all that's needed already, It's just a matter of programming the combinations you want and assigning a switch to it, to easily land on the right combinations.

    Here's my original post about it https://forum.beepstreet.com/discussion/comment/46480/#Comment_46480 (and that's an interesting thread overall @BoutiqueCase if you haven't found it already)

    Except I don't even have this whole "press a switch and select steps/fill combinations" stuff figured out yet... and it's been a while.

    I'm hoping we people here can expand on our "euclidean" threads. I love those...

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