something like "device parameters" in ableton

Hello developers and all Drambo users!

I really like this DAW!

In general, midi controllers are something I can talk about and have been working with since 2007! But the only thing I'm missing in terms of integrating drambo and a midi controller is something like "device parameters" in ableton. I think this is easy to implement in Drambo! There is an option to “receive midi” always or on the active track, but this only applies to note midi messages. It would be cool to see such an option for midi CC messages - this would make it possible during the process of creating music using encoders on my faderfox controller or midifighter twister, behringer x-touch mini in relative mode to expand the capabilities of the controller during sound design. For live performances it’s better to “always receive midi CC on the track options”, but for working with plugins and...the better option is “receive midi CC only on the active track” and then Drambo can be turned into a hardwear groovebox with skillful hands.

I don’t see any workarounds yet, so I want the developers to hear me or advanced users to help. Thank you. PEACE!



  • Does using the midi mapping feature not achieve what you’re after?

  • It’s the “receive cc messages only when Track is active” that dRambo cannot do.

    Some workarounds come to mind however that will be when dRambo is updated.

  • @gravitas what work arounds are those :) ?

    Agree, this seems like a great native feature to consider for a future build.

  • Truth be told this post has tickled an idea I've had floating around. ;)

    It's going to be tedious to implement now however it is doable.

    I almost had it down when I was doing the DFAMesque piece.

    Basically it's midi mapping the controller to fixed parameters in dRambo

    and then using a combination of switches and buttons to route stuff to the relevant Tracks needed

    using core dRambo cv modules which wouldn't get in the way of the cc messages.

    Agreed a native feature would be so welcome.

    It would make using midi controllers with dRambo far more flexible.

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    @gravitas , @bcrichards, @NTMSCHN

    I could imagine using a little MIDI channel switcher script which changes the channel of all controller messages into 1..16, maybe triggered by a set of controller buttons that act as track selectors.

    These messages can then be mapped independently on each track.

    Of course that would work best when using controllers with rotary encoders, sending incremental CC.

  • Agreed.

    Also implementing it with modules would be cumbersome.

  • Here’s something I started putting together this afternoon

    using the cc generator (multi) and the Channel Filter modules.

    The Button switcher was already in my utilities so came in handy for this build.

    If we could manually assign the midi controllers when midi mapping that would be so cool.

  • Im curious, when you make a setting and then change the channel does that setting remain as you set it? I always expected it would reset to the previous position.

  • That's why I wrote...

    Of course that would work best when using controllers with rotary encoders, sending incremental CC.

  • I was very happy to see when I first turned it on that Drambo can respond correctly to different types of relativistic encoders! This means for me that I can adjust parameters manually from the touch screen and from the midi controller without jumping values! Now imagine that the developers added “receive midi CC on active track” - then I can create a template that is convenient for me, in which, by activating the track, I can, without fear of a jump in values, configure 16 parameters from my midifighter twister or even 64 using 4 scenes of controllers. Now, without this function, I can create a template for only 4 tracks with safe control of up to 16 parameters per track! 4 tracks are not enough for me! In my setup, the Drambo controls the Nord Drum 2 synthesizer - this is 6 tracks of 32 midi CC on each

  • I'm willing to pay extra for the "Unlock MIDI CC in Active Track" feature! Please add this! Then many will be able to sell their Elektron devices, which will force manufacturers to think about the development of their products and prevent devices like the funny Digitakt 2 from appearing on the market!

  • Not sure if it's any help (I use Drambo inside a host now). I have 16 instruments mapped with all the relative CCs I want (so no jumps when changing instruments), and record CC automations.

    1/ One drambo AU to midi map the relative encoders (streambyter does the channel switching, but can be done by numerous ways)

    "CC generator" multi inside 1/

    2/ is where there's the sequencing stuff.

    Each "CC controller" modules learn the incoming CCs from 1/

    On the same track, an other bunch of CC generator modules are linked to the previous CC controller modules. Track 1 for channel 1, 2 for 2... The output is routed to different instruments. So 16 instruments, and as much CCs as I want.

    This can certainly be done inside drambo alone.

    P.S. : I did it this way because I believe there's a bug when recording automations when a knob is mapped with a relative encoder

  • I’ve figured out how to do it using dRambo only modules by using dRambo auv3 in dRambo and “Midi Feedback”

    At the moment the modules that enable is to work are in Beta as far as I know.

    The first screenshot shows the “Midi input” module which bypasses the settings in “Settings”.

    This creates a direct midi input through to the dRambo auv3.

    In the dRambo auv3, see 2nd screenshot, the “Buttons module + the Midi Filter” module act as a midi channel switch.

    Ive already tested it and it works.

    I should also be able to get the LED’s for the LC XL happening as well.


    Apologies for the delay however I’ve been celebrating my 52nd birthday. ;)

  • Cool @gravitas Happy Birthday!

  • This is so cool @gravitas , nice to see the cool modules coming to life :)

    Happy birthday !! 🎉🎉🎉

  • Thank you.

    It’s almost there however the way I’ve done it currently means that

    we have to hold down the channel button to keep the channel active if not it defaults back to channel 1.

    Still useable but prone to user mistakes however from one midi controller

    one can easily access the full 127 cc messages per midi channel of which there are 16.

    and thank you very much for the birthday wishes. :)

  • Important details.

    The buttons on the Buttons module are set to momentary and the midi mapping’s are set to momentary also.

    The buttons have incremental values,

    basically divide 1 by 16 and for each channel add 0.0625

    i.e Button 1 = 0.0625 = ch1, Button 2 = 0.125 = ch2 etc, etc.

    As mentioned the cc messages from the midi controller,

    in this instance an LC XL, goes straight through dRambo

    however if one where to map the incoming cc messages in dRambo auv3

    then dRambo’s normal midi mapping takes over without affecting dRambo stand-alone.

    Now the next step is to set the Buttons to “switch” which will enable us

    to have a Track set to active however the way I’ve done it means that

    the Buttons values are added together on output.

  • If I understand correctly, you're stuck at making the buttons in latch mode ?

    One alternative way I did a few weeks ago was something like this :

    (I use a processor rack to save the preset as a channel trigger)

    Trigger the buttons on screen or midi map them to a controller.

    There must be a way with only math things but honestly it was just too easy to make it like this !

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    There is a way.

    This now works in regards to latching a Midi channel.


  • and I now have the LED’s on the LC XL to match so

    when I press pad 1 on the LC XL the LED lights up to indicate the current midi channel .

    This preset works alongside the preset I put together earlier.

    also the Buttons module in this one holds the note values for the LC XL pads.

  • And finally alongside the midi channel switcher there is now Track selection

    so when we press pad 7 on the LC XL it will switch

    to Track 7 and the cc messages will also be on midi channel 7.

    This can easily be extrapolated to fit 16 Tracks.

    This was enabled by using the "Midi Input" module which

    isn't on the current App Store build and dRambo auv3.

    So in theory using only 2 Scenes on the LC XL one can have

    512 cc messages using the encoders and faders on one Scene and a

    16 step sequencer using the pads with any combination of sequencers

    using the encoders and faders on another Scene.

    Thank you @NTMSCHN for this thread.

  • Oh no stop! I'm not interested in the answer "thanks for creating this discussion" especially after mentioning Elektron devices :-) With packimons like "digitakt" you need a whole bunch of workarounds :-) due to the shortage of hardwear resources and the shortsightedness of the developers. Marketing is also offtopic, like all this bunch of wires that are offered here :-). HERE I WANT TO DISCUSS A SIMPLE CORRECTION / ADDITION IN THE SOFTWARE - EVERYTHING GENIUS IS SIMPLE!

  • The option you suggested does not work for creating a starter template for this wonderful game-changing product from beepstreet! I think a normal musician cannot do without introducing the simple function I suggested when creating music, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE WITH A SMALL SCREEN!

  • and thank God, we are now not on the corrupt forum "elektronauts" where I was banned many times for such simple but practical ideas for improving the product!

  • Your request has been pronounced maybe 10 times in the past and it is on the huge list of things to add some time, together with switchable controller banks. Don't expect it to have high priority though because most users seem to be OK with the MIDI control offered already, not to mention the exceptional support for incremental controllers that we already have.

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    Happy birthday 😀 if a little late…

    Coincidentally my b-day was yesterday, may is the best month, right? 😂

    And after 8 years of faithful service I decided it was time to put my SE to rest, and treated myself to a brand new iphone 14 I’m now in the process of configuring… Really eager to try drambo on the “huge” screen!

  • Happy birthday to you also. 😁

    Yeah,'s this best month though I'm sure others would argue that point. ;)

    I'm still celebrating, I've only just started warming up.😈

    That sounds like a very nice treat. :)

  • Does using midi feedback add latency? I would think so

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