Drambo roadmap?

Hello all. I was wondering what’s on the roadmap for future updates in Drambo? i thought I remembered seeing a roadmap somewhere but maybe I’m mixing up my apps. Thanks 🙏


  • I've gathered at some point there's some kind of Layers Select thing in beta that can select which layer is active. I've been checking every day for an update since I read that.

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    Is that a cpu resource saving feature? That would be p cool because I know sometimes larger patches get laggy because theres optional latent stuff running in the background. Would be nice to have a kill switch module for stuff that doesn’t need to be snappy so it wouldn’t hog frames until it’s turned on.

    I was just thinking about this today when playing w some more complex projects from parchstorage

  • That’s the impression I got yeah. I’m just going on something I read in a thread I could be wrong.

  • Yea just curious what’s on the roadmap ahead and if any IAP is planned? @giku i know you’re busy and development is never as straightforward as anyone would like so no pressure to reply

  • I think the one things I’d really like is a more robust way to detect pitch. I can’t really get the pitch detector to work well with any audio input.

  • @sinelanguge Have you tried band filtering the audio you feed the pitch detector first? That way you’re easing up the pitch detector’s job (which does a great job but with some fine tuning even better)

    I had great results that way (for what I was trying at the time). But a filter bank before anything like pitch detection, env follower, impaktor style projects, is a must IMHO

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    Yea for sure you’re right. I had a BP centered around 3-5khz hoping that would cover the important range of the human voice. I’ll keep experimenting but thus far has been really difficult to get anything useable

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    "Fundamentals and Harmonics of Human Voice Frequency Range

    A Female voice frequency range covers fairly upto 350 Hz to 17KHz.

    Its fundamental frequency is 350Hz to 3KHz and Harmonics is 3KHz to 17KHz.

    Male voice covers a Frequency range of 100Hz to 8KHz.

    The fundamental is 100Hz to 900Hz and Harmonics is 900Hz to 8KHz."

    Have a read here for the details.

  • In regards to the OP, there's a bunch of stuff on the horizon

    which I'm not at liberty to discuss as yet however...

    It's going to rock your boat and then some. ;)

  • I have no idea at this moment in time because this one isn't just a stability update.

    I'm not one for hype however your patience will certainly be rewarded.

    @giku and the beta team have been doing wonders.

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    Notch! Really overdrive the frequencies you want detected. Of course season to taste :)

    and you can of course put several in series, use the floating scope to fine tune the input…Stop me if you know all this already

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    to detect the pitch of a voice you need to cover 100hz - to about 4khz ;)

    you dont need the overtones ...

    all you need is the basic pitch/ fundamental

    its just stuff for pitchdetection, you dont need to work further with the bandpassed audio ..., feel free to use the original audio to do shenanigans on😃

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