Additive, Modal, Spectral rack

The wavetable oscillator with unlimited osc effects in Drambo is so amazing, I started daydreaming about similar concepts in the additive, modal or spectral realm… Sound design heaven! Maybe one day, if Giku could clone himself or something.

Additive Oscillator and Modal Bank — Like the current wavetable oscillator, but with a bank of sinewaves or bandpass filters, with a collection of effects for manipulating the spectrum in all kinds of harmonic, or especially fun, inharmonic ways. Adjustable number of harmonics or filters. Think Native Instruments Razor or Prism, Fors Tela.

Spectral Rack — FFT with a collection of spectral effects like spectral gate, shifting, contrast, partial tuning, convolution etc. This would replace one of my favorite VST effects, Dtblkfx, which unfortunately no longer runs on my computer. What makes Dtblkfx special imo is it allows really long window sizes. This adds noticeable latency of course, but you can sync it to a tempo based musical value, so it doesn’t really feel out of time. Adjustable window size, shape, overlap.

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