1-Shot clip mode?

Hello Drambo community!

A simple question : is there a way to make a clip play in 1-shot mode, no looping?

Thanks for any help.



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    @doug_meatloaf To actually stop the clip, the only thing I can think of is to use midi loopback, and send out a midi message from the track (clip locked) to disable its own clip (via clip midi mapping).

    I thought about using note conditions to make all the notes only happen one time, but that doesn't seem to re-enable if you re-select the clip.

    Song mode is fairly limited currently. You could try sequencing the clips externally from another app but that's a pain.

    Maybe other folks have better ideas.

  • Thanks a lot quartzite!

    Your midi loopback idea seems to work.

    I wiil try it a little bit further to make sure it works perfectly for my purpose.

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