some selection tools a bit weird or is it me?

a couple examples:

-i placed a recorder into a track and recorded some stuff in, then i went to edit the sample and wanted to trim some silence at the beginning, at first i thought the orange markers were to be used but no, i need to make a selection (the violet one) and then trim but... first i'm not really sure how is it to be done, i'm experiencing a bit of a hit or miss situation. but the most important is: i cannot find out how to modify the selection, make it longer or shorter... i tried different finger gestures but no way.

-edit zones inside a sampler: it is pretty easy to create a new zone by mistake when trying to move an existing zone. i cannot find a way to get rid of unwanted zones (only the "remove all zones" in the menu, but no "remove selected zone"

i'm on an m1 ipad pro 11" (2021, third gen) laatest ios


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    You can't change a selection, except selecting again. Trimming is still somewhat buggy in Recorder, it's a known issue but thanks for reporting.

    Try Flexi instead, you can change the selection there.

    You can delete a zone by throwing it out of the mapping area (up or down). 😉

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