Mimicking the graphic envelope

With a CV Sequencer, what would possibly be the closest way to mimic it? I've come as far as using a clock module to drive it for the 'length' and resetting it by a trigger like in the graphic envelope. A bit of smoothing with a Slew but it's not quite there yet, interested to hear if it's something near-doable?


  • What exactly do you want to achieve? A stepped but not stepped envelope? ;)

  • Well it's meant for a more hands on engagement when you need multiple envelopes in a track to shape something so that you don't have to re-open every single graphic envelope window but can do it through the CV Seq's, naturally not as accurate but in the vicinity.

  • OK, like this?

    The filter is for smoothing the steps down to a reasonable amount.

  • Thanks exactly!

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