Zeeon patch changes not updating mapped Drambo knobs

edited June 29 in Zeeon

Unlike other AUV3 synths (TAL U-No-LX and Moog Model D are the two I've tried), Zeeon does not play nice with Drambo mapped parameters. To replicate this behaviour:

  1. Open Drambo and create an Audio Unit Instrument
  2. Add Zeeon to the Audio Unit Instrument
  3. Click the map button and map some parameters
  4. Change a patch in Zeeon. The mapped knobs should update with the new parameters of the patch. However this does not happen - the knobs do not change their position to match the parameter values of the new patch.

This is frustrating because unlike Drambo, Zeeon does not support relative cc midi control. The only way to get Zeeon to respond correctly to relative cc midi controls is to load it in Drambo and then map its parameters, however this doesn't work properly as outlined above.

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