Disconnecting CV Quantizer's Gate

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I want to occasionally disconnect the Gate input of the CV Quantizer via a module, I thought this would work via N-1 with one slot a Gate and another slot with an unoccupied connection which would represents the idle Gate, this doesn't seem to work, as the Quantizer just loops on the last note when you use the switch, could that maybe be a bug? (or a hanging note that requires sending a note off in CV terms?

ps. same gos for if you use an Adder as in between connection and turn it on and off.


  • What do you want achieve?

  • To be able to toggle between the quantizer sounding more 'slewy' pitch wise when it's not receiving a gate and back to steady intervals with the gate connected.

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    Slewy? I don't know that mode but maybe it helps you to know that gate signals are evaluated on the rising edge in CV Quantizer.

    As soon as the Gate port is connected, CV Quantizer will switch to gate triggered mode, otherwise you'd never get that immediately quantized pitch signal.

    It may be useful to have a Trigger/Gate mode switch in CV Quantizer that allows for live quantization as long as the gate signal is high in Gate mode.

    If this is what you want, you could switch between the trigger gate and a high frequency gate from an LFO/Oscillator in order to have that "immediate" quantization.

  • Good insights and a switch like that would be handy yes but maybe not something that is in high demands.

    The last proposed setup is exactly what I was after, thanks!

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