Please help me route FAC drums

Hi, I’m trying to insert FAC drums, which is a multi out auv3 plugin in on track (not in the main track)

id like to be able to add effects into individual outputs, so I add a layer mixer and split the outputs. It works great, but when I add fx to any individual layer besides layer 1, they won’t affect the signal.In this example, channel 2 of plugin is routed to layer 2. I do get audio, but delay fx is not doing anything. If I add any processing to layer 1 it does affect the signal, but it doesn’t work on any other layer besides 1. What am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot for your help


  • You could try inserting a different instance of FAC Drumkit in each layer, each of these instances preceded by a midi note filter set to trigger the drum sound you want. You should then be able to apply different fx to each layer.

  • Why not insert FAC Drumkit on the Main, and run each audio out to their own respective tracks?

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    @diegux - it works for me after some experimentation. I think you may have a setup issue. Some possibilities:

    • DrumKit outputs have to be set individually to an Ext. # output correctly on the mixer page
    • The input to first FX plugin on each layer must be set separately by tapping on it then on the correct FAC output
    • FAC output numbering is one off from the Output label. Ext.1 in FAC is Output 2 in the Audio Unit module. Ext.2 is output 3.

    I suspect that last one may be the culprit.

  • Solved! Thanks a lot!

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