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  • Could you post a screenshot? It sounds like you may have an extra connection automatically generated by Drambo. Like, if the divider is the last audio-capable module in the rack, it may be auto connected to audio output.

  • Thanks @lala I'll check that out. Pretty cool.

    Ah, good point, @uncleDave I forget about Drambo's auto-connection, that might be it.

  • So, I want to use miRack as a multi-out single AU instance in Drambo. I want to route audio out of the AU into individual tracks in Drambo while using those same tracks over different midi channels to sequence the AU. The approaches I have tried aren't working because midi or audio won't route correctly. Thoughts?

  • What are you aiming for?

    Do you have something close to what you would like to happen?

    What is the midi going to do to the individual tracks after the audio has left MiRack?

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    I have a similar setup in AUM but trying to do the same in Drambo only. Basically one instance each of multi-out miRack and multi-out Drambo.

    Drambo sequences all tracks including multiple midi channels into miRack. Basic 8 track setup is miRack for 4 midi/synth tracks and 4 drum tracks by Drambo.

    In Drambo, I don't have any 'dummy' or empty tracks. 4 Drambo tracks sequence one miRack instance, which outputs 4 stereo audio tracks. The 4 Drambo tracks that generate midi for miRack also output the corresponding stereo audio associated to each.

    I know I could achieve this with multiple miRack instances but trying to avoid this, so that I can have logic and other modules that are interacting with each across tracks.

  • Could you send me an example project of your setup for AUM?

    and I'll see about making a template for dRambo for you.

  • Sure, can do, thanks.

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    How about throwing both AU Drambo and Mirack 16 on Track 1? Then you could use AU Drambo as a sequencer for Mirack. You could have your four MiRack synth tracks on Tracks 1-4, and your four Drambo drum tracks on 5-8. Au Drambo would just be the sequencer for Mirack, to allow it to live on track 1.

    I recall giku mentioning something about a midi matrix. The midi routing seems the only issue with doing it all in Drambo Standalone without using feedback modules.

    Also, are you aware you coul add 4 more tracks to drambo for a 16 track project? With 16 tracks you could have:

    1-4, sequence Mirack midi

    5-8 Mirack audio (mirack on track 5)

    9-12 Drambo drums

    Final tracks are Main, Send A, Send B, Master

  • Interesting idea @aleyas The only downside is changing patterns in the AU as in the app, which I guess I would set at same repeats. The other approach you mentioned for using feedback for midi could be worth trying, tho I can't quite picture it. Agreed a midi matrix like AUM would totally solve this.

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    I figured out a solution, using Utility Racks to host Drambo Audio Tracks (since anything can be in a rack, why not tracks) for the audio coming out from miRack multi-out AU. I still need to use separate midi tracks for sending midi into miRack AU, but it's a workable solution.

    Another question, how do I access any tracks after the 16th track? I can't access my Master Track in this setup.

  • Is there a way currently to convert clock to pitch?

    I ask because I've moved to using wavetables for most of my LFO functionality, and it'd be useful if I could use incoming clock to determine the pitch that keeps the wavetable in sync.

  • @quartzite I've always used the Graphic Modulator for that. But I like the idea 😉

  • Hi, I’ve recently started using Drambo, finding it amazingly powerful.

    is there a way to have a particular MIDI note in a clip only play once every n times the clip plays?

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    Hi Stice,

    Two ways, using Cycle Condition or Comp.

    In example below, the G2 only plays on pass 1 & 3

  • Thanks Burner! I was really close, thanks for helping me the rest of the way.

    I was actually looking for something slightly different - having a note play only n times a particular scene plays, but now that I understand cycle conditions, I have a whole new set of ideas to achieve what I want :D

  • I would like to stem record the op-z into Drambo. I have created a channel with audio input set to USB 1/2 which is the op-z. Problem is, it will create a feedback as the master out goes back to the op-z as I am using it as my audio interface.

    Question: can I record incoming external audio with stem recording without monitoring it? Muting does not work as it won‘t record muted channels.

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    tap the header for the op-z track and change "Audio to 1" from "Master" to "Default (module out)", and be sure the module output is not connected.

  • Aside from copying and pasting into the Piano Roll, is there a way - or multiple ways - to combine patterns into one? For example, I want the bass line on track 2 and a melody on track 3 combined on track 4.

    Copy/Paste works, but can be finicky. I'm totally fine doing it this way, just curious if I'm missing or totally blanking on a different way to combine tracks. Thanks!

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