Feeling dumb... adding bus tracks

Hey all, sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do I add a bus track? There doesn’t seem to be an option for adding buses.



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    No, because each track has two bus sends.

    If you need more buses, you'd rather add new tracks behind the buses and route audio to them.

    1. Add a new "Bus Track" which is in fact a standard track:

    2. Add a new Mixer module and route outputs from multiple tracks into the new "bus mixer".

    Edit: Is Vanilla broken again? Cannot upload images anymore, neither in the AB forum...

  • To create a standard bus track, tap the track header to bring up track options. Tap ‘Audio from’. Select the letter you want to identify the bus as.

  • Ah so the 'A' 'B' heading is just a name? There isn't actually a special track for a bus? All tracks are the same?

    I guess I got confused because the startup project had two buses - A and B that seemed to be special.

    What about the far right where you have A and B as separate controls under 'amp'. How do you stick those in?

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    So all track modules are the same, whether they are individual channels, buses or master tracks? I kinda get it but would be good to have some clear guidance. Is there a guide to this particular thing anywhere? This ‘modular mixer’ approach in Drambo? I am sure it’s a lot simpler than it looks, and it’s the workflow that I’m getting confused about.

    how for instance, would you build a mixer from scratch? Say, a four channel mixer with two bus sends and a master channel?

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