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I work with Korg Gadget and would like to add Zeeon within Gadget. I believe this can be done with the Taipei gadget, which has control knobs that could be mapped with an external synth (Zeeon?). I would be able to control Zeeon from within Gadget and sequence it. So far I guess that might work.. BUT; I always export my mixes in Gadget in WAV, but my feelings tells me that the sounds from Zeeon will not be exported as well. So, how can I export Zeeon’s sounds, preferably in one complete mix. Thanks!


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    You're correct that you can control Zeeon from Gadget using Taipei. However, Zeeon isn't running inside Gadget, so the sound can't be captured in Gadget. You need to record Zeeon and Gadget into something else. For instance, you can load Gadget into AUM and Zeeon into AUM, then use AUM to record their output.

    If you're not familiar with AUM, it's a program somewhat like a hardware mixer, with recording capability. In the screenshot below, Gadget and Zeeon both have their output directed to the channel named "Receive from Bus A", and that channel is armed to record. The result is the mix of the output from Gadget and Zeeon.

    I hope that helps answer your question.

  • Great information, I am going to explore AUM, thank you so much for your help!

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    If you end up needing help with AUM, I highly recommend the Audiobus forum as a vast source of experienced people. This forum is great too, but more specialized on Drambo and with not quite so much traffic (yet!).

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    @Danny Im on the AUM beta team for years so you can also ask here too under ‘off topic’ ‘zeeon’ 🙂

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