Addimo additive synth

The full fat successor to AddArr, which was more a proof of concept. A core feature is the ability to morph between two harmonic profiles.


  • ok now I get it and that is amazing! This really opens up some doors for macro controls without taking up a huge amount of space.

  • Yes very useful but the arrays do feel like a bit of a hack, they work and I can’t see anything particularly wrong with the implementation but I wonder whether it would be useful to have a dedicated array module.

  • That's a lovely Phosphor clone! 😊

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    Well yeah, was playing around with Phosphor at the time. I like how easy it is to dial in partials but as much as I like Phosphor it left me thinking how cool it would be if it would be possible to morph timbres through the independent movement of partials. That was the inspiration really. I’ve found a way to introduce a third harmonic profile so it can morph between all these and it adds quite a bit. I’m a bit worried about CPU usage, would be good to know what’s working hardest but it sounds good. I do like Phosphor though 😀

  • @SpartanClownTide Morphing is really a dream of a feature in Drambo.

    16 additive presets and morphing between any two of them using the crossfader ... hmmmmm... 😋

  • In terms of reducing cpu, the sequencers running and constant updates of SH modules might add to cpu. You could use a trigger button - graphic env - sequencer clocks as a work around? Tap trigger to update parameters?

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    The ‘refresh rate’, ie the frequency of the LFO that drives the sequencers can always be slowed to a stop but I found that doesn’t make a difference. Likewise removing the LFO altogether. I tried removing the maths functions that add noise to the sine waves, along with some other not quite essential stuff. Didn’t make a particularly meaningful impact, if at all. 

    I’m not going to worry about it, it’s just a heavy patch, with a huge amount of modules, use with care..

    I made some notes with a newer version I’m testing.

    Tested in AUM. Basic iPad 6th gen. Temp cool. Drambo single instance, nothing else at all. Rate 48000Hz. Buffer 512 frames.

    Avg CPU peaks, approximate readings.

    1 voice around 25%

    2 voice around 32%

    4 voice around 45%

    8 voice around 72%.. ouch

    Limiting polyphony is the real key.

  • Drambo is really efficient 🧡

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