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    first I draw a different waveform out of the sine with graphic shaper

    then I saturated it and modulate the filter with the other drawn waveform

    stereo modulation on top



  • When I downloaded your patch, the first thing I've tried is to apply a scale envelope to the OSC => Graphic Shaper modulation, you inspired me into a new idea for doing wavetable synth like modulation.

    The higher the amplitude, the broader (and brighter) the modulated waveform 😃😎

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    go on :)

    Im just openining and closing the filter with velocity

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    I like it because it’s simple enough to make complex things happening on the go

    thx for the Input @rs2000

  • The "wavetable" version in case you're interested in extending it further 😉

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    So I extended it with a wavefolder to get more of those digital tones

    Oh la la.

    think we got something going now


    Really sounds wavetablealy now :)

  • @lala Haha, lovely!

    The infinite powers of wave shaping 😇

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    the infinite Power of drambo :)

    drambo makes Max for live cry 🤣

  • M4L is for coders.

    Drambo is for musicians.

  • It works very well as instrument:)

  • Just saw this patch now, it sounds great! Wavertablealy it is... 😀

    Now if we can modulate the Loop Start, Loop End, Fade In/Out of the Flexi, then perhaps we can even attempt at emulating Ensoniq's transwave. 😉

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    Modulating loop indexes will indeed be fun :)

    (That's for those who are un-familiar with Ensoniq Transwaves).

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    🤘 Wavetable and transwave, that will rock!

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    Transwave was just a fancy name for move small loop brackets tru sample...

    I am not sure if that needs it’s own name ;)

  • @lala I quite like "Transwaves", the word "wavetable" has caused a lot of confusion in history and it usually needs further explanation.

    (No boy, it's not about sound fonts, it's about chains of morphable single-cycle waveforms 😅)

  • On the Ensoniq SQ-1 it was more like 'loop index table' so each 'transwave sample' had up to 127 waves chained into one.

    This table could be 'stepped thru' with or without a cross-fade between the steps, some of the 'trans waves' included longer segments (percussion sounds as an example) making it possible to do wave-station like sequences.

    If I recall correct creating a 'trans wave' on the ASR-10 one could select the cycle length and the ASR calculated a wavetable that didn't have any clicks. (For example If one made a trans wave of a snare sample one could 'time stretch' it by changing the rate of a ramp LFO that scanned thru the wave).

    We could get something similar in Drambo if the 'slices idexes' could be freely assigned to any place in the within the sample.

    A 'Slice Index' would need settings for sample start, loop-start & loop length.

    Can't wait for Drambo to get the option to modulate the 'loop position' it's one of the features I really like in the Logic Pro X's Quick Sampler.

    And it's something that can't even be done with Renoise :D

    But yeah it's nowadays the 'wave table' is a term that gets more recognition even though it's not exactly the same :)

  • I did that kind of thing with numerology (Fivetwelve) :)

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    Hm, I guess when you say transwave it’s obvious what you mean in this old gentlemen’s club. 😆

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